Friendzoned! What Is The Friend Zone And What Can You Do About It

My first article about exiting the friend zone was not that commercial. This requires balls and not everybody has them. Not to mention some want to be politically correct in dating… That post got flagged on Hacker News. So I decided to make a commercial article about the friend zone. If people are sensitive I need to adapt.

For those who don’t know the term, “the friend zone” refers to a situation where one individual in a friendship develops more intense feelings and wants to become “more than friends” with the other person. More often than not, the other person is unaware of the friend’s desires and quite happy in the friendship-only arrangement. As a result, the person is “stuck” in the friend zone, unable to transition from just friend to girlfriend or boyfriend.

It’s a tough situation to be in, and one that is frustrating for both individuals – but not for the same reasons. For the person who feels stymied and wants more, the frustration is emotional . The friend zone is a lonely place to be, and it is often experienced as a major blow to one’s self-esteem. It can be painful to be so close to someone and yet so far away. There is also the fear of never getting what you desire, which can be painful as well.

By contrast, the person who is keeping their friend at arms length or ignoring their friend’s advances is frustrated for different reasons. They may feel awkward about the whole situation, or they may feel that they are being pressured into something they aren’t ready for. They may have other people in their life and are simply not interested in becoming more than friends with their friend.

Sometimes a friend zone situation can be difficult to get out of because the person who wants more isn’t sure whether their friend is interested in them or just wants to remain friends . The friend zone is lonely, but so is the friend zone exit!

How To Escape The Friend Zone

As I said, it is a difficult situation to be in. However, it is possible to escape. The friend zone exit is typically the result of two things happening:

Your friend begins to reciprocate your feelings Your friend becomes romantically or sexually involved with someone else

When both of these things happen, then the friend zone door swings open.

There are a couple of things you can do to increase the likelihood that you will be in the friend zone exit situation. One is to make sure your friend knows that you have feelings for them. This can be done by making subtle hints or even telling them outright that you like them.

You should also try to emphasize to your friend what a great time you have when you are together. This can be done by talking about how much you enjoy your time together, and by making sure your friend knows you want to spend a lot of time with them.

Another way to increase the likelihood that your friend will reciprocate your feelings is to make sure that they have a chance to spend time with you in a romantic atmosphere. This can be done by going on a date with them or by spending time with them in a situation where romantic feelings are likely to develop.

Be careful, however. If you try to force a relationship to develop, it can backfire on you. It is important that your friend wants to be with you in a romantic or sexual way. If you try to force something that they don’t want, it will create tension and may ruin what you already have.

It is also important to recognize that just because your friend wants to be with you romantically or sexually, it doesn’t mean that they will want to be with you forever. At some point in the relationship, you are likely to be in the friend zone again. This is a common occurrence in all relationships.

In some cases, you will never get your friend to want you in the romantic or sexual way that you desire. In these cases, you may need to cut your losses and move on.

Finally, if your friend is in a relationship with someone else, then you need to wait for the relationship to end. This is where the heartache comes in. You need to wait for your friend to be single. When they are single, you can then begin to show your feelings in a more obvious way. It is also more likely that they will reciprocate your feelings.

Once your friend has broken up with their girlfriend or boyfriend, then you can ask them out or tell them how you feel.

The Friend Zone – A Heart-Breaking Situation

There are many reasons the friend zone is an undesirable situation to be in. At the same time, you can do things to increase your likelihood of getting out of the friend zone. Whether or not you can escape the friend zone is something that is out of your hands. If your friend reciprocates your feelings, you can be together. If not, then you will remain “just friends” for the time being.

The friend zone is not a permanent situation. With patience, it is possible to escape the friend zone and achieve a happier, healthier relationship.

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