The Friend Zone

How To Exit The Friend Zone With Style

This discussion is for males. Males who are in the friend zone… my favorite zone. I like the friend zone the most because in that situation it is easiest to rock a woman’s mind. They expect you to be a good friend who won’t dare to make a move. And all of a sudden their entire perception about you turns upside down.

I have adapted some socializing questions… my style. There is only one condition for this to work: to have balls. You need to understand that if you’re in the friend zone and you want more you need to change your attitude. You can’t get out of the friend zone by repeating the behavior that put you in. And when you’re in the friend zone and you want more you have nothing to lose. If she leaves she saves your time, there is nothing for you in the friend zone except having a sister. You need to ask her questions like the following until she gets upset. But your conscience will be clean because you haven’t aggressed her at all, you just made fun of her like nobody ever did. Attraction is all about dominance and humor is the highest form of dominance one can have. You can make fun of her until she respects you and after that you can make her laugh. I tried this with only two women so far. Both got upset until they hadn’t replied to my message. But after this, with one I am still talking and the other gave me her phone number even though she had a boyfriend. This is the most powerful attraction technique and the only one worthwhile I know.

So if you’re in the friend zone all you have to do is to dare to ask questions like the following:

Is there any kind of food you don’t like or you literally eat everything?

Do you like to go on vacation or you stay only in the house?

Do you have any life goals or you live day to day?

Are you afraid of flying by airplane or you haven’t even tried?

Are you useful in a crisis or you just like to make things worse?

Can you tell when somebody is lying or you just believe anything you hear?

Do you have a morning ritual or mornings mean to you just waking up, if you wake up at all?

Has anyone ever influenced you or you just pass through life without listening to anybody?

Have you ever apologized to anyone or you never made mistakes?

Have you ever won anything or you never win?

If you could meet anyone who would you meet? Or you don’t want to meet anyone?

If you could master any musical instrument which one would it be? Or you can’t even tolerate music?

If you could talk with your 15 years old self what would you tell your younger self? Or you just haven’t learned anything since you were 15 years old?

Is there any masculine quality that attracts you or you don’t like men?

Has anyone ever asked you for help or the people around you think you can’t help them with anything at all?

Are you good at something or you can’t do anything?

Are you a pacifist or you consider we need to kill each other ’till the last one?

Do you value time or you just like losing time with every occasion you have?

Do you have a favorite kiss or nobody ever kissed you?

What was the worst moment of your life or your life never had any troubles? 

Are you proud of any moment of your life or you never did anything worthwhile? What was your first job or jobs are for stupid people?

What is your favorite haircut or you don’t even cut your hair?

What is the mistake you keep repeating and never want to learn from it?

What is the most beautiful compliment you ever received or you never got any compliments?

What is the book you liked the most or you never read a book?

What is the worst advice you ever received or you only received good pieces of advice? 

What is your favorite song or you really don’t like music at all?

What was the last wild animal you ever saw or you don’t like to see animals?

What was the best idea you ever had or you never had any ideas?

You don’t grow because you don’t afford bigger clothes?

Do you like bets? Yes/no. I’ve noticed because your clothing style looks like you lost a bet.

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