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A Few Ideas About Sex Toys And Their Future

When I started to read this topic and saw the words ‘sex’ and ‘long distance relationships’, I immediately thought about people. Humans are an interesting species, that’s for sure. It is said that we have created over 7 million different kind of sex toys alone, not including all the medical equipment designed to help us in our private moments. If you go into a sex shop, there are shelves upon shelves of various things made just for sexual pleasure; dildos (or wands), vibrators, cock rings (I suppose those could be considered rings as well), sexy clothes etc., all designed to increase sensual experience – or even simply existence itself! Some people spend so much time thinking about sex they forget what it was like NOT having these thoughts every day or hour… Humans seem very interested in increasing their happiness through sensuality and sexuality; yet sadly many times people become confused or frustrated with intimacy because they lack knowledge on how to achieve such a thing successfully. They may not be able to see beyond physical attraction due to inexperience with other aspects involving erotic gratification of each other: mental stimulation, emotional exploration and spiritual connectivity.

However, I do not think that humans should be ashamed of what they are. They have survived and adapted to the world in which they live for hundreds of thousands of years without any help from anyone else; although it is true that some people may ‘go off the rails’ or lose direction due to external pressures (such as religious ones), many times these very same individuals manage to become inspirational leaders later on – sometimes even great philosophers themselves! Almost every single human person has a story within them capable of being told through art, music or writing if only we would take the time to look… Here’s an example: One day I was reading news articles about sex robots when something caught my attention. A guy named Oliver Bendel who lived in Germany had started a company called Lovotics. He wanted to create humanoid robots designed for physical interaction with humans similar but more advanced than those used by Japanese companies such as SoftBank Robotics’ Pepper robot.

I thought about it and wanted to learn more. I called Oliver Bendel and asked him if we could talk about his company, sex robots in general and the future of personal relationships between humans and AI systems.

So here we are, humans. I hope this article will inspire you to think about your own lives and relationships with others. Don’t be ashamed of what you are. Think outside the box, question everything and share your thoughts, opinions or experiences if there is someone out there who might benefit from hearing them.

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