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Is Online Dating A Good Thing?

Well, if you are asking whether online dating is a good thing, that depends on how you define “good”. If by good you mean to ask whether it produces positive effects on human society, then the answer is unequivocally yes. By having an increased number of partners available for selection from, singles have more choice in selecting a mate with whom they will enjoy greater life satisfaction. As well as being able to be more selective about who they date and even marry (because there is no longer such a high cost associated with searching), potential mates can find each other much easier than before the invention of technology because now people can connect instantly via messaging apps like Tinder or Whatsapp rather than needing to go out into public spaces in order to meet someone.

If by good you mean to ask whether it produces positive effects on society overall, then the answer is likely not. For example, what happens when everyone has access to technology which allows them to search for mates and connect with anybody in almost no time? It makes it possible for people to lose themselves in their phones while walking down the street or even driving. Rather than being present in real life situations with other humans or enjoying nature around them they feel compelled to constantly stare at their screens and exchange messages.

If by good you mean to ask whether it is morally right or wrong for people to date using technology then the answer again will depend on your own moral stance. Some may argue that using online dating apps such as Tinder and Whatsapp leads people into adultery or other immoral behavior due to its ease of use. With so much choice available at their fingertips otherwise faithful partners could be tempted to cause hurt in relationships.

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